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Morphos Late June this year, the MorphOS team released the long-awaited MorphOS 2.0 release. It delivered a lot of needed new features, such as 3D support and a network stack. Despite the long list of new features, criticism was abound, mostly due to the high price (EUR 150), and the fact that it only ran on Pegasos and Efika hardware. Today, the MorphOS team released the first update to 2.0, aptly named MorphOS 2.1. Apart from that, there's news on the Mac Mini port of MorphOS.
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by _df_ on Sun 7th Sep 2008 02:13 UTC
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Updeated 2.1 over 2.0 on my efika. Seems to be going ok. I dont plan on registering it tho, way too much money.

I did have mondo trouble getting it to go at 1680x1050 as it did not like my montiros DDC and had to boot up with the bootmenu option. working good now.

really feeling the screen redraws with the radeon 9250 128mb 64bit card tho at that res.

its interesting but not worth the price.

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