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Google Walter Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, who has been testing Google's Chrome browser for a week next to the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, concludes "With the emergence of Chrome, consumers have a new and innovative browser choice, and with IE8, the new browser war is sure to be a worthy contest." Many cloud computing enthusiasts are overjoyed with Chrome and call it the first cloud browser or even the basis for a cloud operating system.
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Comment by Coral Snake
by Coral Snake on Sun 7th Sep 2008 02:38 UTC
Coral Snake
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I think that this whole "cloud computing" buzzword is just to put a misty gray "cloud" around the TRUTH that the government and the corporations want to eliminate the personal computer and go back to the old centralized "time share" rental system that existed in the days when the IBM Mini and Main Frame computers were the ONLY CHOICE in computing.

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