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Windows Probably one of the most hated parts of Windows are its anti-piracy measures - product activation and Windows Genuine Advantage. While most people acknowledge Microsoft's right to implement these measures, many have also been bitten by the measures' shortcomings, such as server outages or false positives. Microsoft blogger Ed Bott has been monitoring WGA since its inception, and in 2006 and 2007 he didn't give a passing grade to WGA ("a big fat F"). This year, the situation has improved somewhat, earning Microsoft a passing grade - barely.
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I never had any problem with WGA
by Chezz on Sun 7th Sep 2008 22:33 UTC
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I have a copy of Windows XP Prof. I never had any problems with its wga. One of my workstations gave me a pop-up once. I found the solution in the KB it was as simple as running a command from Start->Run I don't know what's wrong with validating your copy? Adobe does that. Heck all famous Software companies require you to validate your copy. They are not open source so OS rules do not apply here.

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