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The WebKit team is currently busy, integrating the patches made for Google Chrome into the main WebKit repository. This includes the new V8 JavaScript engine and the Skia graphics library. Most integration work is done by Google employee and WebKit reviewer Eric Seidel. V8 is a fast, BSD licensed JavaScript engine that runs on 32bit x86 and ARM CPUs. Due that platform restriction, V8 probably won't replace WebKit's new SquirrelFish engine anytime soon as default, because SquirrelFish has broader CPU architecture support. Epiphany developer and WebKit reviewer Alp Toker gives an overview about Skia. Unlike V8, Skia is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Some of Skia's main features are optional OpenGL-based acceleration, thread-safety, 10,000 less lines of code compared to Cairo, and high portability.

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RE[2]: And Mozilla?
by 0brad0 on Mon 8th Sep 2008 01:06 UTC in reply to "RE: And Mozilla?"
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That's funny. Essentially the only project that uses Gekco is Firefox and everyone under the sun is using WebKit. That speaks volumes about how bad Gecko is from a developers perspective. Also the fact that a very large number of developers for Apple, Google and other companies/projects are ex-Firefox developers and they all think WebKit is better in every aspect. WebKit was also the first HTML rendering engine to have full support for ACID2/ACID3 and the best draft HTML5 support. Firefox/Gecko is a complete disaster. It is just another example of people using the "most popular" piece of software but it does nt mean it is good at all.

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