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Graphics, User Interfaces Now that the second deadline for Fedora 10 themes has been reached, the remaining theme proposals have matured and gotten much, much better. At this point, it is clear that no matter what theme is chosen, Fedora 10 will look great. Still, all themes are not equal. These are some of the best, though.
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RE[3]: Gave up on Fedora
by sbergman27 on Mon 8th Sep 2008 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Gave up on Fedora"
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As I said in my original post, I really don't want to drag this out into a flame war or anything. But I should probably briefly respond to the comments:

1. Yes. Sometimes it is nice that Fedora is bleeding edge. It is, however, a mixed bag.

2. The Fedora community tries to have it both ways. I have been attacked repeatedly in this forum (osnews), by Fedora community members, for suggesting that Fedora is not really a production OS. But as soon as one tries to use it as such, and has problems, the story from community members is that "it's your own fault because we never recommended that". True, I should not have allowed myself to be persuaded, and will not make that mistake again.

3a. Regarding whether I decided to "get involved" in helping the project by filing a detailed bug report after that disaster was over... Hell no! (There is really no other way to say that adequately.) Please read my original post. I rightfully and understandably voted with my feet.

3b. I have filed and contributed to Fedora bug tickets in the past and have not been particularly impressed by the response.

4. This kind of rudeness does not happen in "any distro's community". At least not to the extent that I have seen it in Fedora's forums and (in even worse form) the mailing list. Perhaps *some* distro communities are rude, too. But I've been involved with the two distros I am replacing Fedora with for years and have never considered their communities rude.

5. I have actually had far more than "one or a couple of bad experiences" with Fedora. This one was the one really worth highlighting. I (now) have 2 distros that I use in my work and don't distro hop in that context. In the last 12 years that I have used Linux professionally, I've essentially added two distros to the mix and had to drop only one. The Fedora boxes have been/are being/will be migrated to the remaining two.

I should note that Fedora has actually worked OK for web servers, and for XDMCP servers with less than about 16 users.

I should stop there because I've probably already said too much.


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