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Internet & Networking A recent blog post on ZDNet contends that Firefox is not as secure as promised by counting exploits. Joseph Huang contends that severity and the number of unpatched vulnerabilites matters, not just the number of exploits discovered.
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RE: Seriousness of Exploits
by Rehdon on Sun 18th Sep 2005 15:25 UTC in reply to "Seriousness of Exploits"
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And don't forget the other favorite trick by Microsoft funded "independent" studies: carefully study the compared objects history, then choose the timeframe where the one you want to favor looks best. This is how they could maintain with a straight face that Windows is more secure than Red Hat in the "Get the FUD" ads, for instance.

Firefox probably isn't the best browser out there, but it surely is more secure than IE if you look at *all* facts.


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