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Google With all the recent hype surrounding Google's Chrome, it's refreshing to see someone taking a few steps back and looking at the bigger picture. Superlatives were abound about Chrome (I personally really like it), but some people really took it overboard - take TechCrunch for instance: "Chrome is nothing less than a full on desktop operating system that will compete head on with Windows." Seeing my nationality, I know a tulip mania when I see one. So does Ted Dziuba.
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Beware the false comparisons
by Mediv on Tue 9th Sep 2008 05:25 UTC
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All it takes for him to explain that no, a web browser is not an operating system,

The analogy with the idea that Java makes life simpler, but with a slight overhead that we do not mind because of our multi-gigahertz processor, is false.

There are some optimizations that cannot be done at compile time with a C program, but that a Java Virtual Machine can detect and perform at run time. So it is not because there is another layer that automatically it will be slower. Sometimes it can be faster.

If the majority of Java coders does not care about unuseful object creations, about releasing some object references or forgets that the garbage collector is not magic, they should first learn to code in C.

Actually, only C programmers should be allowed to code in Java.

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