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SkyOS Everyone's favourite perpetual beta operating system, SkyOS, has introduced a concept of an interesting new feature, whose inspiration came from a feature on the Playstation 3. The feature is kind of like an always-accessible (even during the boot process) version of Front Row, which you can access using a mouse gesture or a shortcut. It then allows you to access and play all your media files. "So whenever you want to quickly listen to music you don't have to open a dedicated music player. Simply enter crossbar, select your song and return to the desktop. Crossbar has been designed to make this as fast and as straight forward as possible." Click read more for a video.
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"[q]I applied for the beta a while ago, and I haven't heard a word from them since.

I thought I was the only one.

Really good work gentlemen.Its coming along nicely.Keep it up.
Have you tried to contact Robert about this (email, forum, irc)? [/q]

Did.Contacted initially by email.Pc Crashed.Lost the email and tried again.No response.

Its ok.I'll wait.Everything happens for a reason.

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