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Hardware, Embedded Systems When China launched its first microprocessor, the Godson 1 in 2002, it wasn't much of a competitor to what Intel and AMD had to offer. The 64bit Godson 2, released in 2005, still didn't worry the Western chip makers, but the chip did start to pop up here and there outside of China. Expect to see a lot more of them in the coming years, as the Godson 3 promises to be a chip that can compete head on with the big ones: quad-core, eight core version in the pipeline, and 200 extra instructions aiding in x86 compatibility.
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The problem is that Loongson 3 hasn't even taped out, so unless you get hold of a multiprocessor system based on Loongson 2E/2F, which apart from the KD50 (prototype of a supercomputer) I haven't heard of yet, there is nothing to do but wait until the hardware is being sold.

Loongson is a little-endian MIPS III compatible processor so I don't think you'd have to change that much. But it would of course be good to make the changes required to make your code run on big-endian architectures anyway.

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