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X11, Window Managers It has been one year and four days since X.Org 7.3 was released and a number of months since X.Org 7.4 was supposed to be released, but today X.Org 7.4 is scheduled to finally make it out the door! This release is shipping quite late and with a slimmed down set of features, but in this article we have more details on what this release holds in store for the Linux desktop community and why it may be a short-lived release.
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by kaiwai on Wed 10th Sep 2008 21:08 UTC
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The whole purpose of the opensource world is to 'scratch and itch' so the inevitable result, however, is that unsexy (but crucial) parts of the stack are neglected by their lack of sex appeal. Xorg is an example of just that - where people's interests sit at the top and visible layer rather than the unsexy work that sits underneath. There are some projects, like the Linux kernel, which have obtained a level of 'attractiveness' but the general rule of thumb - the more unsexy it is, the less developers. That can be seen in GTK+/GLib/Pango, Xorg and numerous other low level components.

It is unfortunate that companies aren't putting the man power they need to fix these issues - and these issues aren't new, this has been going on for a while now - a Sun engineer in one of his blogs talked about the sliding quality and quantity of contributors to the project. Unfortunately, the solution is going to cost Linux distributors/Sun/HP/IBM/etc more money - and given the nature of doing the least amount possible, I doubt there will be any sizeable contributions from them anytime soon.

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