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X11, Window Managers It has been one year and four days since X.Org 7.3 was released and a number of months since X.Org 7.4 was supposed to be released, but today X.Org 7.4 is scheduled to finally make it out the door! This release is shipping quite late and with a slimmed down set of features, but in this article we have more details on what this release holds in store for the Linux desktop community and why it may be a short-lived release.
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We're not talking about grammar school children here, we're talking about adults.

Correct, but the basic desire for compliments and rejection for criticism still exists in many, if not most, adults. Would your boss stand your criticism? Maybe he would, but there's a pretty high chance he wouldn't, no matter how constructive you're trying to be. Maybe you would think that he's being childish, and you would be right, but that doesn't take away the very fact that you would still be screwed. You aren't going to get very far by continuously ignoring this basic human property.

Research Abraham Lincoln's life style. He realized this and refrained from criticism as much as possible. Instead of criticizing, judging, condemning, he tried to understand the other party. As as a result people listened to him.

That said, what you and I say here doesn't matter. Mark Shuttleworth just injected more money into improving FOSS, e.g. by hiring usability experts and programmers. Instead of criticizing, judging, condemning, he chose to take action. This is what improves FOSS, not the complaint of some random guy on OSNews. At the end of the day, actions still speak louder than words.

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