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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announced Wednesday that his company, Canonical, will hire professional designers and interaction experts to improve the usability of the Linux desktop software ecosystem. They will work closely with upstream developers to bring a better experience to users of the open source operating system.
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RE: Great move, but ..
by aseigo on Fri 12th Sep 2008 17:46 UTC in reply to "Great move, but .."
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> stuff like OK dialog button order

there actually was a de facto standard for this before GNOME pulled a switch-a-roo for no measurable benefit other than to create a new area of inconsistency.

that said, KDE4 and Qt4 appications adapt their button order to the platform: KDE, Windows, Mac or GNOME. a technical solution to the problem, for sure, but it proves that its not only possible it works pretty well.

> The Linux Foundation should really work on these things.

as long as they work with the rest of the community. i'm a little concerne with this announcement that Shuttleworth is tap dancing to work but all by himself and to a tune he's not letting others listen to.

organizations like LF an Canonical can provide a lot of value, but if it's done without working with the rest of the community it's value wasted.

people working on the Linux kernel and other server side bits tend to understand that ... why it gets lost as soon as we hit the desktop? well, i have thoughts on that, but i'll keep them to myself for now =)

> And there is soo much tech duplication and NIH in Gnome and
> KDE.

there is a lot *less* "NIH" in kde4 than there was in kde3. in part this is because the rest of the ecosystem is maturing and gives us more options, in part its because the KDE project recognizes the value in using what is available.

as for strigi, we actually tend to go through Nepomuk these days and when strigi popped around there really weren't any good alternatives. "building what needs to be built" is not NIH.

moreover, Strigi is not tied to KDE in any way. (which actually makes things a bit harder for us at times..)

> Don't wait and hope the Guadec/Akademy double event next
> year will fix all those issues!

it won't. it's a step further down the right path, but it won't be a silver bullet event.

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