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AMD AMD plans to spin off its chip manufacturing operations by year's end, probably by hawking them outright or by inking a partnership with a larger chipmaker -- a maneuver akin to selling a house and leasing it back. Meyer is vague on the exact timing of a deal, but he knows it's probably the best thing the company can do quickly to improve its financial position, and its reputation with investors. A successful transaction would see AMD pocket a good chunk of cash, while handing manufacturing to a company that can better keep pace with Intel's world-class operations.
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Say Goodnight, AMD
by bannor99 on Sat 13th Sep 2008 04:55 UTC
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If they sell of their fabs, they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.
As a previous poster said, they need to engage 3rd parties for extra capacity to keep up with Chipzilla.

But to sell the keys to the kingdom and then try to rent space? Not a good idea.

And who makes the ATI components?

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