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Hardware, Embedded Systems As some of you may have noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with my Aspire One netbook, and actually, with netbooks in general. They are great little devices, more powerful than you'd give them credit for upon first encounter. And, but that might just be me, netbooks are what laptops should have been from day one: truly portable. El Reg has put together a buyer's guide for today's netbooks, and while the guide is generally spot-on with its assessments, it does present some odd choices here and there. Read on for some of my own thoughts grown out of experience.
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RE[2]: atom platform drinks power
by toogreen on Sun 14th Sep 2008 04:18 UTC in reply to "RE: atom platform drinks power"
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I don't get it why everyone bitches about the small keyboard so much. I think most people who do are the ones who have actually never tried it. I own an EeePC 701 myself since February and although yes at first encounter the little keyboard may "seem" awkward, It takes less than an hour of using it to really get used to it. And when you are actually used to it and use it ofen, as funny as this may sound, It's when you go back to regular-sized keyboards that it feels awkward as they are big!! This might be slightly exagerated, but anyway, you get the idea. ;)

So I say don't listen to those who bitch about the small keyboard. Unless you've got giant fingers and hands, the Asus keyboard is just fine! I even bet that if Asus-sized keyboards become largely used, then we may even see the regular desktop keyboards shrink slightly in the future!! I, for one, could live with smaller keyboards and save some office space!

On a OS related note, I don't get it why Windows is so popular on these devices, especially when it comes to Asus' offerings... I've tried other OSes just for fun on mine, but I always end up going back to original Xandros, as it boots much faster (a little over 10 seconds!) and does everything I need from a netbook. I use my EeePC for both work and leisure when I'm on the road, and even tho Xandros is basic and limited, It just does everything I need! When I'm in a hurry I just don't have the time to wait for Windows or Ubuntu to boot up...

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