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RE: Single Sign On
by nbensa on Mon 15th Sep 2008 02:18 UTC in reply to "Single Sign On"
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I don't get it. Why in the world would somebody who is a system administrator _want_ SSO? It only compromises your entire network to the first person to sit down at an unlocked workstation.

Because we sysadmins type our password hundres of times every single day of our lives and a kerberized environment doesn't compromise your network more than a not kerberized one.

I'm more worried about those so-called sysadmins who do not lock their workstations and/or do not close their sessions when they are not at their box.

Kerberos' tickets are time-limited, so if one of those "sysadmins" wants to keep their sessions open, they'll have to refresh their tickets :-P


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