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Google Chrome is open source, and there's clearly still some work to be done on it. In this article Neil McAllister decided to take a peek under Chrome's hood and view it through the eyes of the developers who will improve and maintain it in the coming years. And it seems Google's open source browser has much to offer prospective hackers (provided they use Windows).
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by kvarbanov on Mon 15th Sep 2008 08:05 UTC
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As it seems, this project will fade away, with low public appreciation - that's my view. Nothing is faster and more usable than Firefox. Also, not releasing open source product for Linux / Unix / Mac well sounds stupid - it looks like : we're gonna have to release a browser, just to invade the browser space, and fill the gap. First, release it for Windows, and then we will think of something for *x like OSes. No, I don't think that this project deserves attention....

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