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Hardware, Embedded Systems As some of you may have noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with my Aspire One netbook, and actually, with netbooks in general. They are great little devices, more powerful than you'd give them credit for upon first encounter. And, but that might just be me, netbooks are what laptops should have been from day one: truly portable. El Reg has put together a buyer's guide for today's netbooks, and while the guide is generally spot-on with its assessments, it does present some odd choices here and there. Read on for some of my own thoughts grown out of experience.
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About slow SSDs
by moltonel on Mon 15th Sep 2008 11:49 UTC
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For a very detailed view about the slowness of current SSDs, read

I'm a happy MSI Wind (classic HD) owner, but I'll probably replace the HD with an SSD once this becomes a no-compromise operation (and it looks like an Intel SSD will be the winer).

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