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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announced Wednesday that his company, Canonical, will hire professional designers and interaction experts to improve the usability of the Linux desktop software ecosystem. They will work closely with upstream developers to bring a better experience to users of the open source operating system.
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If you use applications ONLY from synaptic, then you do not have to edit .desktop files, but try to use an app that is NOT on synaptic, such as eclipse 3.4 (yes I know eclipse 3.2 is on synaptic, but I need 3.4).

And yes, I had to edit .desktop files just to get a menu item. On the Mac, I just drag it to the dock, thats it.

I think Linux in general really needs a some standard way of dealing with applications, I think it is nuts for someone to write an app, then have to wait for the package maintainers to create a package for distro 'x'.

And no, this is NOT a troll, I like Linux, I just point out some flaws that annoy me. This I think is the other fundamental problem with Linux in general, if everyone does not agree with some comment 100%, then they are trolls. This attitude has to go. Face it people, nothing is perfect, not MacOS, and not even Linux believe it or not.

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