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PC-BSD This release marks a milestone for PC-BSD, by moving to the latest FreeBSD 7-Stable and also incorporating the KDE 4.1.1 desktop. Users will immediately notice the improved visual interface that KDE 4.1.1 offers, as well as a large improvement in hardware support and speed from the update to FreeBSD 7-Stable. PC-BSD 7 also offers a large and growing library of self-contained PBI files available for installation, and improvments for other locales on our PBI Directory website. This release also offers new methods of installation, including a DVD, USB and Internet/network install. Note: Here is an interview with the lead developer of PC-BSD.
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RE[2]: 32 Bits only?
by BluenoseJake on Tue 16th Sep 2008 09:56 UTC in reply to "RE: 32 Bits only?"
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"The BSDs are much more command line focused and is not interested in developing anything to be user friendly. People will help, but they do expect you try to be independent, they will not hold your hand every step of the way through."

uh, that's PC-BSDs only purpose, to make FreeBSD user friendly. The BSds have all the same desktop environments as Linux, and most of the same capabilities. I used FreeBSD for a desktop for a few years, and while initial setup was a bit of work, it was the most stable desktop I have ever used. There is also excellent documentation.

As far as being more "command-line focused" once your DE is setup, it is no more "command-line focused" than Linux.

"In BSD you can upgrade to the new release from source, there is no need to erase it and install the new release "

You can do that with Linux too, I recently when from Etch to Lenny.

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