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Mac OS X If you want to run Mac OS X on a standard, non-Apple-labelled x86 box, you have various options. You can go all creative and build and install one yourself, and then be weary when installing updates from Apple. You can also buy a Mac clone from PsyStar, and then be weary of Apple's crack team of lawyers. A third option has just become available: EFI-X.
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RE: Most bizarre marketing ever
by bert64 on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:22 UTC in reply to "Most bizarre marketing ever"
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and we all know that saving a penny will most likely spoil our digital life."

Yes, don't save a penny and buy EFI-X, just buy Apple hardware instead.

As for legality, making a version of EFI for a generic x86 machine is not illegal, Intel have been pushing for EFI for years but microsoft never bothered supporting it so it never caught on.

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