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Mac OS X If you want to run Mac OS X on a standard, non-Apple-labelled x86 box, you have various options. You can go all creative and build and install one yourself, and then be weary when installing updates from Apple. You can also buy a Mac clone from PsyStar, and then be weary of Apple's crack team of lawyers. A third option has just become available: EFI-X.
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RE[3]: Pointless...
by bert64 on Wed 17th Sep 2008 14:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pointless..."
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The point isn't to stop end-users from installing it if they wished to. Its to stop large scale reselling of their software by other companies. These other companies would have to circumvent Apple's copyright in-order to sell hardware with OSX pre-installed. As far as I know you can crack any software and device you wish yourself if you payed for it. Selling a cracked version of software OTOH is illegal.

To sell it pre-installed yes...
But to sell hardware that just happened to be compatible, and to also resell copies of OSX is perfectly legal. What you decide to do with the 2 unrelated products that you just purchased are entirely your own concern.

Selling a cracked version is also not illegal, or shouldn't be... Selling a copy is that's illegal, wether you cracked it to make the copy or not.

If i buy a Ford, modify it and then sell it on I'm well within my rights to do so, and it's still a Ford, albeit a modified one. What i can't do is manufacture my own vehicle and sell it with Ford's branding attached - ie rebrand something that didn't have Ford branding explicitly placed there by Ford.

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