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Mac OS X If you want to run Mac OS X on a standard, non-Apple-labelled x86 box, you have various options. You can go all creative and build and install one yourself, and then be weary when installing updates from Apple. You can also buy a Mac clone from PsyStar, and then be weary of Apple's crack team of lawyers. A third option has just become available: EFI-X.
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RE[4]: Won't fit in my mind.
by CrazyDude1 on Wed 17th Sep 2008 17:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Won't fit in my mind."
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The point is that making duplicate copies of the software is a violation and illegal. So if you buy a CD but you can't play the CD at 5 places at the same time then that is fine. You shouldn't be able to.

However telling me that I can play the CD in SONY CD player only but not in my car is clearly violation of my right of use. So now I should buy two copies of the same CD, one for my car and one for my home audio system?

Yes this is a sad situation and we got in this sad situation because we lack a technological solution to piracy without sacrificing user freedom.

The day we have such a solution, I am sure companies would be able to relax their licenses on music, books

Now about the Apple EULA, I don't think Apple EULA would hold in court if a user installs their legal copy on a custom PC (as long as it is the only copy the user is using).

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