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Multimedia, AV Dirac is an advanced royalty-free video compression format designed for a wide range of uses, from delivering low-resolution web content to broadcasting HD and beyond, to near-lossless studio editing. The v1.0.0 version was released yesterday, and the new VLC version supports playback of .ts/.drc Dirac files.
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RE: Schrodinger
by Eugenia on Thu 18th Sep 2008 00:33 UTC in reply to "Schrodinger"
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Basically, as an editor, what I need is this to take the codec seriously:
1. Port the encoder/decoder under Gstreamer, FFmpeg, mencoder with the patches applied by default, and Video for Windows, Quicktime.
2. Support for AVI, MXF, OGG, MKV, TS, MOV, and DRC containers on all of the above apps/architectures (if their architecture allows).
3. A sane GUI for encoder options under VfW (e.g. bitrate, colorspace) and Quicktime (pixel aspect ratio, field order, res, fps, bitrate, etc).
4. A decoder for Quicktime/Windows with an easy installer (encoder's installer should also include the decoder btw).

Then, this could be useful for me. But not otherwise. Having a 1.0.0 spec, and a third party encoder/decoder that plays with its own rules and doesn't even provide binaries, doesn't do it for me. I am not looking into playing with Dirac, I am looking into doing some work.

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