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Multimedia, AV Dirac is an advanced royalty-free video compression format designed for a wide range of uses, from delivering low-resolution web content to broadcasting HD and beyond, to near-lossless studio editing. The v1.0.0 version was released yesterday, and the new VLC version supports playback of .ts/.drc Dirac files.
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Interesting video landscape
by jemmjemm on Thu 18th Sep 2008 12:37 UTC
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Just some updates and addons.

Final Dirac spec has been available 9 months or so. This is just a release of reference encoder. Schrödinger should be used for practical purposes.

Browsers and video element.
- the whole Gecko-family will support video element as og 1.9.1.x (Firefox 3.1, Seamonkey 2.0 etc)
- Theora+Vorbis (in ogg container) rendering will be native, probably soon also Dirac+Vorbis
- there also will be support for OS-native backends, i.e. what cannot be render by browser, will be done by backends (GStreamer on Linux, QT on Mac and DirectShow on Windows)

Also next Opera will have native rendering of Theora+Vorbis (some nightlies available). And Safari will support the same though it QT backend (if patched correctly).

As mentioned earlier, then OggConvert is perfectly able to encode Dirac+Vorbis in ogg container and Totem plays it pretty fine (generating maybe too high load). And finally there is an updates release available.

VLC media player's ogg demuxer is terrible (haven't tested 0.9.2 yet, but at least in 0.9.2 nightlies and oldstable 0.8.6i it was). And doesn't seem to play Dirac+Vorbis in ogg container (made by OggConvert).

Already motley video landscape will get a lot more colourful and that's only good. Finally best solutions will stay.

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