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GNU, GPL, Open Source "From its humble origins in the 'hacker' culture of US computer science laboratories in the 1970s, open source software has grown to become arguably the most influential and talked about phenomenon to hit the computer industry since the invention of the microprocessor. Many of the proponents of OSS seem to have been captivated by the idea of a free lunch and may have failed to consider the longer-term effect of OSS on our fragile software ecosystem. Let us examine some of the issues surrounding OSS that aren't normally aired in public."
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The Trouble with Tribbles....
by vasper on Sun 18th Sep 2005 22:11 UTC
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It reminds me the Star Trek TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles". A lot of skweeks with no substance.

First, the author makes the mistake of confusing free with freedom. Open Source is not about being free of charge, but about freedom of choice.

Then, he confuses Open Source, with lack of design. I as a programmer have spend many hours planning with others software I help create, OSS or not.

Nothing in OSS is unplanned as is implied here. Just look at the thousands of newsgroups specifically for OSS project descussion. Those people are designing. In fact some may say that because there are more minds working on a problem, the best idea is easier to find.

As for Intellectual Property, a company can only claim as their IP what was written in their labs, or using their equipment. The company I work for cannot control code I write at home, using my personal PC. But it could claim IP of the code I write in the lab, or on the Laptop PC it has provided for me.

So I can't see any trouble with OSS, I can only see trouble with people trying to get others afraid of OSS.

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