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Windows We all know that Windows 7 is on its way, planned for release somewhere late 2009 or early 2010. We already know it will have a multitouch framework, no major kernel and/or driver framework changes, and a new taskbar people at Microsoft are not supposed to talk about right now. The firs two milestone releases didn't appear to be very exciting, but now there is - supposedly - a milestone 3 (build 6780) release, and there is a screenshot, and more information on UI changes. According to Microsoft blogger Stephen Chapman, the ribbon will make its way to Windows 7.
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The ribbon can be easily navigated with the keyboard - easier in fact than menu bars.
Press the Alt key on the keyboard. Tags will appear on all the Ribbon tabs. Press the letter for the tab you want; H for Home, N for Insert.
The tags will move to the command level. Press the letter to activate the required command.
In this way a picture dialog box can be opened with three keystrokes ALT N P.
It only takes a little time and an open mind...

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