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Window Managers After 6 months of development and more than 1000 change sets, the final version of awesome 3.0 has been released. 'awesome' is a frame-work window manager, which also supports tiling window management. This major release brings a lot of new features. The whole configuration file is now write in the Lua language and use a simple API. This allows to modify and control every corner of the window manager. This version is based on XCB, a new low level library which communicate with the X server. Pango usage also enhances text rendering.
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Using it since 2 monthes
by lidstah on Sat 20th Sep 2008 17:36 UTC
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I use AwesomeWM since 2 monthes now, I was searching a nice looking, resources efficient, and screen space optimising WM for my eeePC running debian lenny, and now, I installed it on all my computers excepted the Mac (which runs OS X).
Only thing that disappointed me was the fact that config files are now in lua language instead of the config files of the 2.3.x versions, but it's just a matter of 30 minutes to get used to and get back to a similar configuration.
Efficient, small size, fast, can be entirely keyboard-driven, easily configured if you take some time to learn the syntax, I shouldn't go back to classicals overlapping WMs, especially on the eeepc little screen.

Edit : yeah, i'm an enthusiast ;)

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