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Linux Greg KH, Linux kernel developer delivered a keynote in the Linux plumbing conference about the health of the ecosystem. His message was essentially that distributions that don't contribute to the ecosystem have to rely on the whims of others which is unhealthy for them. Here is an introduction the development model and some interesting statistics about the Linux kernel code. Update by TH: Rebuttals are appearing all over the web, like this one by Canonical's Matt Zimmerman ("He's refuting a claim which has, quite simply, never been made. [...] When this sort of thing happens on mailing lists, it's called trolling."), or this one by another Canonical employee, Dustin Kirkland.
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RE: Comment by Kroc
by segedunum on Sun 21st Sep 2008 13:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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Targetting Canonical with this blind zealotry is like cutting one's nose off to spite your face.

Yer, yer, yer, we get it. Everything negative that is said about Ubuntu is zealotry, because of course, Ubuntu and Canonical are the shining lights who will save the open source world - an open source world they don't contribute much to apart from soundbites.

Bottom line is, if I'm going to believe the hype from Canonical about Ubuntu and if I'm going to shell out for a support contract I would like to know that they have people on their payroll who know about some of the more core software they are putting in there, are maintaining said software with others and can answer my questions from the horse's mouth if and when I ask. At the moment, I am more likely to find documentation and explanations from Gentoo's Bugzilla and forums than I am from Canonical.

I've got retorts, I've got articles I can link to that debunks this whole talk - but I can't be bothered. It's like talking to a brick wall

It's typical of what surrounds Ubuntu. Rather than acknowledge the problem, let's write rebuttals and debunkings on our blogs. It's what we're good at. The biggest rebuttal in one of those blogs is "He works for Novell!" Not a good sign.

Additionally, he tries to shift things around by just implying that Canonical is maintaining parts of the desktop infrastructure. Well, I didn't see Canonical coming forwards to help maintain KDE 3.5.x for a LTS release when the KDE developers had said they would support it for as long as people wanted it. I also don't see all that many Canonical addresses on Gnome's mailing lists, nor do I see them having a hand in driving forwards GTK and Gnome 3 and having some vision for it apart from "Let's make it like Mac OS". So, that line of reasoning doesn't work either.

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