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OSNews, Generic OSes Microsoft and Novell have made good on their 2006 interoperability pact. Microsoft and Novell jointly announced that Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise has been optimized to run as an "enlightened" guest on Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor platform. Windows Server 2008 customers have been able to run as a virtualized guest on SUSE since last June, when SUSE became the first member of Microsoft's Server Virtualization Validation Program, which Novell has helped to fine-tune. Now SUSE is optimized to run on Microsoft's Hyper-V as well.
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RE[3]: smart move
by bert64 on Mon 22nd Sep 2008 17:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: smart move"
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I, too, have a real concern when I read this argument over and over. It goes like this:

Something must be really, really wrong with you people in that reading these comments gives me the fishy feeling you are blind to the fact that MS is only one of a million possible patent litigants - and in that, the so called patent deal buys you exactly nada. Well great, MS doesn't sue the Novell end-user but a millions others may and probably will (SCO anyone?). You totally over-rate the whole thing in that light.

MS are one of the least likely companies to sue directly using their patents... They have far too much to lose, no doubt their products infringe upon patents held by the likes of IBM or Sun, and the resulting countersuit would be very painful.

You have more to fear from small companies with nothing to lose. Not that MS wouldn't pay such companies to try anyway.

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