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Linux Greg KH, Linux kernel developer delivered a keynote in the Linux plumbing conference about the health of the ecosystem. His message was essentially that distributions that don't contribute to the ecosystem have to rely on the whims of others which is unhealthy for them. Here is an introduction the development model and some interesting statistics about the Linux kernel code. Update by TH: Rebuttals are appearing all over the web, like this one by Canonical's Matt Zimmerman ("He's refuting a claim which has, quite simply, never been made. [...] When this sort of thing happens on mailing lists, it's called trolling."), or this one by another Canonical employee, Dustin Kirkland.
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by TemporalBeing on Mon 22nd Sep 2008 17:45 UTC
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Basically, see my post in response to mdz:

To summarize:

He is making the case for anyone attending the LPC that they should not let their projects (or employers let their projects) become solely dependent on an upstream provider; whether that employer is Canonical or someone else; he just used Canonical as an example since he already had some data...


Now perhaps he should have abstracted it away from any single contributor sponsor to help get the point across (likely a more professional thing to do), but that seems to be the jist of what he was (at least) trying to say, and that is a message that should have been appropriate for an LPC keynote - communicating to everyone how to be a player in the entire ecosystem, helping lighten their work load, and everyone else's too.

And directly per Canonical:

So then we come to this comment in [mdz's] article: "our kernel consists almost entirely of code we receive from upstream."

This is exactly what Greg arguing against. He was basically saying "don't rely on upstream; be your own distro/project, and provide patches back up".

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