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Windows According to Microsoft beat writer Mary Jo Foley, word is that "Windows 7's mail, photo-management and movie-maker subsystems applets are all being replaced by optionally installable Windows Live equivalents." To many, replacing subsystems with services is a good thing. But what will the self-professed geeks think? Cnet seems to think that "Windows 7 must appeal to geeks--or else!"
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Comment by Laurence
by Laurence on Tue 23rd Sep 2008 15:41 UTC
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The problem here is the real tie-ins that many advanced users would want to see optionally installable (internet explorer being the biggie) would never move that way - they're far too integrated into the OS (and for intentional reasons too - as noted with the whole legal battle regarding IE vs Netscape).

Plus I'd be interested to see just how removed these optional components are when they're not installed. To use MS Office as an example: In the past, even when the optional components weren't installed, they'd often still be referenced within whichever Office application said component uses. Thus the users see a menu item, they can still click it, and then get greeted with a message like this:
"x is not currently installed. Please insert Office n CD"

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