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Windows According to Microsoft beat writer Mary Jo Foley, word is that "Windows 7's mail, photo-management and movie-maker subsystems applets are all being replaced by optionally installable Windows Live equivalents." To many, replacing subsystems with services is a good thing. But what will the self-professed geeks think? Cnet seems to think that "Windows 7 must appeal to geeks--or else!"
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by lemur2 on Wed 24th Sep 2008 02:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by BrendaEM"
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"The only compelling reasons to move from XP up MS's tech-tree are Directx for games, and the artificial restrictions they put on BluRay's DRM." MS didn't put the restrictions there because they wanted too, they put them there because if you want to support BlueRay, and not get slapped with a huge DMCA lawsuit, the only way is to play ball. Do you really think MS wanted to take the time to put all that crap in there when they had more important stuff to do (like WinFS)? I don't think so.

If you are to claim that DRM is only in Vista in order to support playing BluRay movies, please note that there are at least six versions of Vista, some of which claim to be targetted for business use.

Most business-use PCs will not be used for playing BluRay movies.

So where, pray tell, is the business-use version of Vista that I can buy which does not have the DRM for BluRay movies embedded?

Where is the version of Vista which does not have the DRM for BluRay movies embedded that I can buy for my PC which does not have a BluRay drive?

If there is no such version, then your DRM argument simply doesn't wash.

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