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Apple The situation regarding Apple's App Store for the iPhone is getting weirder by the day. Several applications have been rejected from the App Store based on seemingly dubious claims such as duplication of functionality (even though they didn't duplicate anything), or alikeness to default applications. Two such cases made headline news over the past few days; Podcaster and MailWrangler. The developers of these applications openly protested against these rejections, and apparently, Apple doesn't really like that. Apple now reiterates that rejections fall under the NDA, prohibiting developers from speaking up about rejections.
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by leo_ on Wed 24th Sep 2008 12:01 UTC
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>Sadly, it appears that you broke some invisible rule, or you duplicated default functionality even though you didn't, or you inadvertently came up with an idea Apple was already working on for a future iPhone revision - and your application is rejected. And you're not allowed to talk about it.

Or, this way: you have developped an interesting concept that Apple could integrate into the iPhone to increase its value... So they can simply refuse your application, develop their new application, and include it, saying "now you can do that with your iPhone", and you can't say a word about it !
You've been stolen, you wasted time and money, and all, I mean *all* the benefit goes to Apple.
Actually they already did that with several MacOSX components, but now this is going even further...
But that's ok, it's not like if it was Microsoft, it's Apple... So we shouldn't say anything about that, and stick to the "Vista sucks" and "Microsoft is evil" instead ;)

Question: how do I quote text ? seems like bbcode doesn't work, and the FAQ of the site doesn't say anything about that..

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