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Apple The situation regarding Apple's App Store for the iPhone is getting weirder by the day. Several applications have been rejected from the App Store based on seemingly dubious claims such as duplication of functionality (even though they didn't duplicate anything), or alikeness to default applications. Two such cases made headline news over the past few days; Podcaster and MailWrangler. The developers of these applications openly protested against these rejections, and apparently, Apple doesn't really like that. Apple now reiterates that rejections fall under the NDA, prohibiting developers from speaking up about rejections.
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RE[5]: Apple vs Google
by BallmerKnowsBest on Wed 24th Sep 2008 22:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Apple vs Google"
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You sound as if you weren't born before the MacBook Air.

I sound like someone who is less than a year old? And you know this based all of the other 1 year-olds you've met online?

Try going back to 1995 please.

So I'm an infant... with a time machine that will allow me to travel 13 years into the past?

This is what passes for an insult amongst Mac users?

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