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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin has said it is time for Solaris to simply move out of the way and yield the future to Linux. 'The future is Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is not Unix or Solaris,' he claims, contending that Sun's strength in long-lifecycle apps is giving way to Linux, as evidenced by the rise of Web apps, where Linux holds a decided advantage, Zemlin claims. With capabilities such as ZFS and DTrace, Sun is trying to compete based on minor features, he says. 'That's literally like noticing the view from a third-story building as it burns to the ground.'
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RE[2]: Offensive
by sultanqasim on Thu 25th Sep 2008 00:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Offensive"
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You have some points but IMHO, the biggest problem facing Solaris is simply that it's user base is too small and it's users are too dull to push it. I must admit, Solaris is not the easiest to manage (I must admit it can be very frustrating at times) but things are improving thanks to initiatives like project indiana. It's hardly what you'd call a "dead" OS.

Also, I didn't find ZFS to be a resource hog and it's reliability & speed are unmatched and if only it was better understood, it'll be the next must-have for many desktop users.*

*Must-haves are things where you were living fine without it for the past x years but as soon as something new comes out, you can't survive without it (or at least think you can't)

P.S. - The reason I was offended was because one of the world's most advanced operating systems was called dead and it's world class features were dismissed as minor. If you developed Solaris (I don't but suppose you did), how would you feel if someone said that about the project that you have put so much hard work into?

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