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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin has said it is time for Solaris to simply move out of the way and yield the future to Linux. 'The future is Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is not Unix or Solaris,' he claims, contending that Sun's strength in long-lifecycle apps is giving way to Linux, as evidenced by the rise of Web apps, where Linux holds a decided advantage, Zemlin claims. With capabilities such as ZFS and DTrace, Sun is trying to compete based on minor features, he says. 'That's literally like noticing the view from a third-story building as it burns to the ground.'
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"Unix has been dead since Google started to use Linux and almost all super computers started to using Linux"

Ridiculous reasoning!

Google is but one company, however you want to measure it there is no denying that Unix systems have great market penetration in the things they have been targeted at. The financial services industry is almost solely using Solaris or AIX for their heavy lifting. Telco's are heavy users of Solaris as are the oil industry and military.

On the web-tier LAMP is king, but keep in mind that Sun's new CMT boxes running Solaris have changed the price/performance ratio in this market.

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