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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin has said it is time for Solaris to simply move out of the way and yield the future to Linux. 'The future is Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is not Unix or Solaris,' he claims, contending that Sun's strength in long-lifecycle apps is giving way to Linux, as evidenced by the rise of Web apps, where Linux holds a decided advantage, Zemlin claims. With capabilities such as ZFS and DTrace, Sun is trying to compete based on minor features, he says. 'That's literally like noticing the view from a third-story building as it burns to the ground.'
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RE: what about joyrent?
by Windows Sucks on Thu 25th Sep 2008 07:26 UTC in reply to "what about joyrent?"
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"You can't really talk to any Web-based application company these days that's not using Linux,"

What about joyrent? Built on opensolris. Personaly Linux will slowly lose market share in file server market. Look at the high density file server SUN are pushing out. Oh change one line in passwd file and boom have unix users authenticating with windows clients via ZFS. Why do you think samba is complaining and throwing toys out of the cot.

ZFS tells no lies I discovered that my machine was throwing errors out in ram since its not ECC unless i lowered the speed to improve compatibility in Dual channel mode.

And what about Fire engine? dladm what a joy...

Ummmmmm, last time I looked Red Hat was MAKING money and Sun was trying to stave off bankruptcy!

Sun is only making money by cutting staff. That is not making money!

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