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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin has said it is time for Solaris to simply move out of the way and yield the future to Linux. 'The future is Linux and Microsoft Windows. It is not Unix or Solaris,' he claims, contending that Sun's strength in long-lifecycle apps is giving way to Linux, as evidenced by the rise of Web apps, where Linux holds a decided advantage, Zemlin claims. With capabilities such as ZFS and DTrace, Sun is trying to compete based on minor features, he says. 'That's literally like noticing the view from a third-story building as it burns to the ground.'
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RE: Offensive - as an avid Linux based OS user
by jabbotts on Thu 25th Sep 2008 16:20 UTC in reply to "Offensive"
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I wasn't outright offended. I just simply don't agree that any competing OS should simply give up. If other OS simply stop development, the only motivation for Linux based OS to continue evolving is competition between various distributions. Besides, we've already seen what happens when a single OS dictates the futures of other platforms in ways not related to it's own competitive product quality.

What I want is for Solaris to remain in development. OpenVMS, OpenSolaris, The BSDs.. bring 'em all on.. heck.. if I can have my copy of OpenWindows waiting for me when I get back from my ski vacation in Club Haides, I'll cut a VM and install it too. If any of them prove to fit my needs better than my current platform, I'll change host OS and continue on with my humble VM'd OS client collection.

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