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Windows Back when Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green demonstrated Windows 7's multitouch framework during the All Things Digital conference, many noted the different taskbar that she was using on the demo machine. When Walt Mossberg asked her about it, she smiled and replied "It's something we're working on for Windows 7 and I'm not supposed to talk about right now, today..." Personally, I was quite intrigued by this revamped taskbar, seeing how static and old the current one already is (Windows 95, people). Microsoft has remained mum on the issue ever since, but last Tuesday, the silence was broken when Microsoft's Chaitanya Sareen posted a detailed entry on the taskbar on the Engineering Windows 7 blog.
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Bad lesson
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 25th Sep 2008 18:58 UTC
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The data on the non usage of the media player toolbar, is cited by microsoft as evidence that they've done some thing wrong int he presentation of the feature. I think a more likely cause, borne out of the data they've collected is that most people don't want it.

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