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Internet & Networking "Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. Its goal is to be simple and easy to use. Epiphany ties together many GNOME components in order to let you focus on the Web content, instead of the browser application." This article starts out with a little history about the Epiphany browser and goes on to talk about the advantages of this light-weight browser.
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RE: WebKit/Chrome/Safari
by Ford Prefect on Thu 25th Sep 2008 22:12 UTC in reply to "WebKit/Chrome/Safari"
Ford Prefect
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How much more slicker do you want it to be??

And btw., Epiphany already comes with a Webkit backend which can be enabled at compile time.
They even want to completely abandon Gecko for Webkit.

I like Epiphany, because it:
- fits well into the desktop
- has a fast/responding GUI
- has a simple, uncluttered layout
- has a nice History window
- does most of the things they way I want them to be done

Problems I have with Epiphany:
- doesn't save the open session, therefor I never close it but instead kill it
- crashes quite often lately (since gecko-1.9) on my system (but saves & recovers session every time)
- sometimes doesn't want to open images on the web itself but instead wants to load them in a gnomeviewing application

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