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Linux This article takes a look at five great but not very well-known desktop-focussed Linux distros, including SimplyMEPIS and Mint. It focuses on distros that are easy-to-use.
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And that extra slow "rocket" back down is because it hasn't released a new version since May of 2007. It's a community made distribution that has a small dev team of 5-10 people who work on it when they're not doing their full time jobs and living life.

You'd do well to show a bit of respect for people who can pull off something like this...gaining over a huge distro like Ubuntu with a dev team of 10. It's a huge accomplishment. They don't care for rankings. They just want to make stuff that works and they do a damn fine job doing it. Get off their back and go trash someone or something that actually deserves trashing...because PCLinuxOS doesn't deserve your ire.

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