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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Mandriva has done quite a lot of work on optimizing boot speed for its latest release, Mandriva Linux 2009. Frederic Crozat (head of the French engineering team) has written a blog post summarizing Mandriva's past work on this front, and the tweaks and improvements made for 2009. It shows that close analysis of inefficiencies in boot, and fixing 'small' bugs, can result in gains as large or larger than 'big picture' items like new initialization systems.
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Comment by agrouf
by agrouf on Mon 29th Sep 2008 06:02 UTC
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This is why I use a desktop distro where things are optimized for the desktop. Server distros like red Hat, Suse or even debian don't care about boot time, as they usually stay up for months. Mandriva is really the best distro for the desktop in my opinion. It has desktop stuff like fast boot time, DKMS and the draktools that makes it the most desktop suited distro.

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