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Fedora Core The Red Hat community engineer behind the Fedora Games and Fedora Xfce media spins, Rahul Sundaram, announced the release of Omega 10 Beta, a remix of Fedora this past weekend. Omega is a desktop/mobile Linux distribution that is based upon Fedora but includes packages from the Livna RPM repository. The Omega 10 Beta release is roughly equivalent to the Fedora 10 Beta to be released tomorrow, but integrates multimedia support not found in Fedora.
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RE: Huh?
by David on Tue 30th Sep 2008 07:06 UTC in reply to "Huh?"
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This one is my bad. Our official policy is that submitters and editors shouldn't post news on their own projects. Even if you have access to post your own stories, we ask that you submit it through "submit news" like everyone else and another editor has to post it (or delete it). I guess by some people's reckoning I was being too permissive.

I certainly understand the rationale. If we post every tidbit of Linux-distro news, then it will be all Linux distro news all the time. But it seemed like a worthwhile distro to me, and I guess I was feeling giddy because I had just signed up our first six "deputies."

BTW, deputies are OSNews readers who've volunteered to dedicate a portion of time every week and post a few stories, and they're given access to an enhanced submission interface. The whole program is designed to widen the net and make the editors' jobs a little easier. If you're interested in being one, contact me. Deputies sign up for different "beats." We could use a Mac one.

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