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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y A very interesting "Blogwatch" posting at Computerworld links out to an interview with Richard Stallman wherein he posits that Cloud Computing is a trap to entice users to give up control and privacy and become subject to closed, proprietary platforms. Since RMS is a professional provocateur, I wouldn't consider all of his pronouncements newsworthy. But the thoughtful responses linked in this blog roundup were interesting, and I believe the issue of convenience vs control vis a vis Cloud Computing is a very timely and important debate to be having at this point in IT history.
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The Paradigm Shifts
by antwarrior on Wed 1st Oct 2008 12:01 UTC
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"Store your private data on computers that I own,agree to usage policies that I write and screw you if it all goes titanic!"It is easy to frame the idea this way. It sounds so stupid and unreasonable that I would have to be stupid and unreasonable to agree to it. I find missing from the debate,any discussion on WHY cloud computing is now relevant. The discussion has become about the storage of private data rather than a discussion of modern-day computing environments. There is a shift in computing that moves away from the single node in a network that transports data to mobile applications that have an identity associated to real world entities such as people, organisations and communties. It is a mistake to overlook the problem that Cloud Computing poorly addresses and miss the greater issue by making straw men arguments.

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