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Microsoft Yesterday Microsoft started introducing Visual Studio 2010 to Windows developers with a press release and a MSDN website. Introductions to the next Visual Studio also popped up on various technology news sites; InformationWeek, ChannelWeb, Microsoft Watch, BetaNews, and Ars Technica each have brief summary and explaination of the information Microsoft has released so far. Only NetworkWorld digs into the subject by asking various developers to give their impressions of the new Visual Studio.
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Embracement of the future trough Vim
by righard on Wed 1st Oct 2008 14:54 UTC
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Bram Moolenaar to release it's next generation auto documenting multi-platform text editor. Vim, the de facto split-window-capable text editors new strengths come from refocussing it's attention at the four pillars of new modern technologies:
- Time-phased sharing of Web 2.0 standards.
- Rationalising of business integration management.
- Multicapable future interface features.
- Maintaining organising enterprise integration.
This all, together with Vim's new and powerful logic cloud based editing focus shift is sure to pave the road to your company's future.

Vim, laying the foundation of your enterprises embracement of the future!

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