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Windows Even though I'm still not quite sure what "the cloud" actually is (it's the internet, right?), Microsoft has just announced that it will be releasing 'Windows Cloud' at its Professional Developers Conference later this month. Windows Cloud (a temporary codename) will apparently be based on Windows Server, but with new features and characteristics. Steve Ballmer made the announcement at a Microsoft-sponsored conference for IT managers in London.
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So what doesn this mean...
by raynevandunem on Wed 1st Oct 2008 22:58 UTC
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For Windows Home Server? I know that this will be directed towards corporate customers, but I'm thinking that they've also been gunning in separate instances for a "home cloud" through Live Mesh.

*looks through Google*

On second thought, I see that Windows Home Server is "meant" to take some services away from the cloud (Live Mesh's one, perhaps), so I guess that the two aren't necessarily intended to mix.

But has anyone here actually tried using Live Mesh with WHS, or at least found a better or free-software based route towards a "home cloud" (in light of Stallman's recent comments concerning cloud computing, privacy and data preservation )?

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