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General Development Microsoft's leader of C# development, writer of the Turbo Pascal system, and lead architect on the Delphi language, Anders Hejlsberg, reveals all there is to know on the history, inspiration, uses and future direction of one of computer programming's most widely used languages - C#. Hejlsberg also offers some insight into the upcoming version of C# (C#4) and the new language F#, as well as what lies ahead in the world of functional programming.
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RE[2]: Poorly choosen name?
by Clinton on Thu 2nd Oct 2008 04:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Poorly choosen name?"
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Of course there were improvements over Java. Microsoft could look at Java, copy it, and make improvements where necessary. It wasn't like they came up with the improvement by themselves either. There was a lot of talk at the time of things Java could have done better and many of those things made it into C#. I don't mean to say that C# is worthless (I don't particularly like it or Java, but I think both have some value), but it isn't anywhere near the greatest advance in software development.

I worked with many of the very early versions of C# prior to its first release, it was embarrassing how exactly like Java C# was. I remember the first time I reviewed some preliminary documentation for C# thinking to myself, "Wow Microsoft, you changed 'main' to 'Main'. Way to make it your own..."

I like the parent poster's names for Microsoft Java, but I always thought Microsoft should have called it "Me2".

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