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RISC OS A huge blow to the already small RISC OS market and community: Castle Technology has announced that the Iyonix range of ARM-based RISC OS computers will be taken off the market after 30th September. Support will continue through the Iyonix website, the dealer network, and by email. This leaves Advantage6 as the only manufacturer of RISC OS hardware with its A9Home computer.
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I disagree.

The ability to use that 3rd mouse button to keep menus open to quickly select a different option on say a drop down menu made it really productive.

I liked being able to have several windows open, often overlapping, and being able to read from one and type into the back window without the OS trying to bring the back window to the front. It didn't interfere with the way I'd work.
Once more RISC OS made me productive.

The ability of the OS to replace any part of itself by the use of internal software vectors meant that it was trivial to upgrade an application or the OS without having to reboot.

I loved the ability to reorganise the hard drive contents to the way I thought was best for me.
I'd like to have all my Apps organised by tasks.
Moving an App was as simply as dragging and dropping a single App folder from one drive to another. So I had folders called Graphic Tools, DTP Tools, File Tools, etc. Simple and neat.

When I'd work on a graphic, I'd load a desktop full of my graphics shortcuts. When I'd do DTP I'd change the desktop to show DTP things.

RISC OS made me very productive.

I only left when it became apparent that the CPU being made for RISC OS wasn't going to get any faster and JPEGs were getting bigger due to digital camera.

I still miss it.

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