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PC-BSD Recently the PC-BSD team released their latest stable version (PC-BSD 7) code-named Fibonacci Edition. Some of major changes from the previous version include a newer kernel, an experimental ZFS module, and a KDE 4 for desktop environment. Being a Linux junkie, I thought of this as a perfect opportunity to venture into the BSD arena.
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RE: Why KDE?
by BluenoseJake on Fri 3rd Oct 2008 18:34 UTC in reply to "Why KDE?"
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Perhaps you could just install Gnome? It's in the ports system, and then uninstall KDE, and poof, a BSD Gnome system. That's the beautiful thing about FOSS, if you don't like it, tweak it, change it, rearrange it.

And If you like any sort of customization at all, Gnome is horrible. The people who matter like to customize things, hence KDE.

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