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PC-BSD Recently the PC-BSD team released their latest stable version (PC-BSD 7) code-named Fibonacci Edition. Some of major changes from the previous version include a newer kernel, an experimental ZFS module, and a KDE 4 for desktop environment. Being a Linux junkie, I thought of this as a perfect opportunity to venture into the BSD arena.
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Gave it a try
by righard on Sat 4th Oct 2008 13:38 UTC
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After reading this article I tested the OS yesterday on my laptop. I'm an advanced Linux user but every time I tried to look at BSD I couldn't get it to work properly. This in contradiction to PC-BSD, the installation went very smooth and after it was finished I got greeted with a full working KDE session.
The drivers for my ATI card worked poorly, but this can be forgiven for it's a crappy on board card that doesn't even work wonders in Linux.
I thought I would not like the way you install packages in PC-BSD, and for my personal use I prefer the way of most Linuxes, but for a average desktop computer it seems quite good; I'm sure it feels more natural to Windows and OSX users.

The best compliment I can give the new PC-BSD is that I threw it all off again, I don't like OS'es that are that easy to use, not geeky enough.

One critique though; KDE4 ran very poorly on my 2 year old laptop, when I started a little QT game called KrisK my laptop started panting placing there was a delay of atleast 0,25 seconds between click and action. Is this an issue with my computer if any-one knows? I tested KDE4 on Linux once with the seem computer and it ran much more smoothly.

P.S: I wonder does BSD have some kind of different version of Vim, it's my most used piece of software but I couldn't work with this one. Sometimes it went out of insert mode when I went a line up, after which it refused to go back in it again, I felt stupid hearing all those error beeps

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